The Ultimate Guide to NA Drinking and Mocktail Mixology

After establishing themselves as the leaders in innovative, ready-to-drink, sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages in 2005, DRY has been on a mission to elevate social drinking for everyone.  DRY knows a thing or two about flavor and an enjoyable drinking experience with their unique flavors like Lavender, Cucumber, Ginger, and more, but why end there? Their groundbreaking flavors are now the inspiration for sophisticated mocktail recipes that will leave even the most particular cocktail connoisseur asking for more.


The Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails is the go-to cocktail recipe book for anyone who is looking to drink less, cut it out altogether, or simply wants to shake it up a bit. Become a mixology master as you get the lowdown on tools, glassware, and mixology terms, as well as the science of flavor. Each chapter is thoughtfully laid out from the simplest mocktail recipe to the most complex mocktail for an easy, learn as you go feel that anyone can follow.


The Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails Features:

  • 50 mocktail Recipes perfect for every mixology skill level. 

  • Unique Zero-Proof twists on some of your favorite classic cocktails like the French 75, the Old Fashioned, the Dirty Martini, the Jungle Bird, and more!

  • Learn the important tools, techniques, and flavor breakdowns to help you become a mixology master.


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